Data Science Experience allows you to use your favorite programming language, tap into the latest open source tools, and take advantage of IBM innovation and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Create and collaborate with Python, R, RStudio, Scala and Jupyter notebooks that contain code and visualizations. Develop, train and deploy machine learning models.

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Spark Technology Center

IBM has made a substantial investment into R&D activities for Apache Spark at our labs and development centers throughout the world. Our Spark Technology Center (STC)—headquartered in downtown San Francisco—is the focus of our R&D in Spark, engagement with the Spark open-source community, and work with our partners in the Spark arena.

The STC focuses efforts on expanding Spark's core technology to make it enterprise and cloud ready — with the aim of accelerating the business value of Spark and driving intelligence into business applications.

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IBM Bluemix cloud platform helps you solve real problems and drive business value with applications, infrastructure and services.

· Weaves together the services, infrastructure and data to rapidly bring your ideas to production
· Manages and scales your business from day 1 to year 105
· Simplifies the process of building systems that use data to understand, reason, and learn

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IBM PowerAI makes deep learning, machine learning, and AI more accessible and more performant. By combining this software platform for deep learning with IBM® Power Systems™, enterprises can rapidly deploy a fully optimized and supported platform for machine learning with blazing performance.

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